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For all product information and Dataset API purchases, please see the Dataset API product page.
The pages in this chapter contain all technical information about the Dataset API.

For further information, please consider the weather variable documentation.

The meteoblue Dataset API grants access to the entire meteoblue weather data archive, which is comprised of more than 100 weather variables gathered from over 50 data sources. This data can be composed and aggregated as desired via the API’s user interface.

The API solution used to read and transform environmental datasets is more complex than other APIs offered by meteoblue. It is designed to offer a high degree of flexibility in the retrieval and manipulation of data for a wide variety of use-cases.

The following data series are available via the Dataset API:

  • Weather/Climate (Reanalysis)
  • Weather (20-50km Scale Model)
  • Weather (10-20km Scale Model)
  • Weather (1-10km Scale Model)
  • Seasonal Climate (Forecast only)
  • Precipitation (Satelite/OBS)
  • Vegetation Health (Satelite)
  • Radiation/Clouds (Satelite)
  • Soil Characteristics/State
  • Landuse (Static)
  • Topography (Static)
  • Socioeconomic (Static)
  • Ocean (Model)
  • Air quality model (Model)
  • Climate Risk (Static)

These data series contain individual datasets within which you can select and display individual variables. An overview of the various datasets can be found in the Meteo Section.

Chapter contents

The Dataset API Configurator page provides information regarding API-queries made via the web-interface, including display options and output-formats.

The Dataset API page features a range of examples and best-practices for implementing the Dataset API into your own projects.