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This API delivers historical data since 1940 calculated by the ERA5T re-analysis model dataset with a delay of about 8 days. If you query data for time periods that are not covered with ERA5T data, the API will automatically gap-fill the remaining days with meteoblue NEMS model data.

One API call provides a time series of historical weather data for one weather variable and a maximum of 30 years. The default time zone setting is UTC, however, you can also retrieve data in local time by specifying the UTC offset in the API request (see Optional API URL parameters).

Base URL:

Example URL that fetches temperature data for Basel for 2022-11-01 to 2022-11-02:

Mandatory API-URL parameters

startStart date&start=2022-11-01
endEnd date&end=2022-11-02
latLatitude coordinate in WGS84&lat=47.1
lonLongitude coordinate in WGS84&lon=8.6
variableWeather variable to fetch data for&variable=temperature
apikeyValid meteoblue API key&apikey=abc

Optional API-URL parameters

domainWeather model domain&domain=ERA5TERA5TGaps are filled with NEMS model data
Available options are ERA5T and NEMSAUTO
aslLocation height above sea level in meters&asl=279Digital elevation model
utc_offsetTime offset to UTC in hours&utc_offset=3UTC (0)Accepts half hours, ie. &utc_offset=1.5
formatOutput format of the fetched data&format=csvjsonAvailable formats: json, csv
resolutionTime resolution of the data&resolution=dailyhourlyAn aggregation must be specified when querying daily data. Supported time resolutions: hourly, daily, monthly
aggregationAggregation option for daily and monthly data&aggregation=meannoneSupported aggregations: min, max, mean, sum
gapfillDefines whether gap filling is activated&gapfill=falsetrueThe API automatically uses NEMS data for gap filling
If user chooses NEMSAUTO as domain, gapfill is ERA5T