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Free Weather API is an automated meteoblue product and the easiest way to test the meteoblue weather API. Within just a few minutes, an account can be set up and enables developers to integrate the meteoblue weather API for highest accuracy forecasting.

meteoblue APIs can be tested for free for one year, including 15 million credits. Furthermore, you can enable additional API calls by joining our referral program or purchasing a additional credits. Each API call will deduct a certain amount credits, depending on the amount and complexity of the contained weather variables. Simple forecast packages will deduct fewer credits than more complex packages, including additional calculations like nowcasting. The cost of each forecast data package can be checked in the forecast API configurator.

A list of all forecast packages available through Free Weather API can be found here.

Additional credits can be purchased at any time.

Enable Free Weather API

To use the Free Weather API, you need a meteoblue account which will allow you to manage all API services. A meteoblue account is free and does not include any purchase obligation. If you do not have an account already, you can register here.

On the top right corner, click on your account icon, open "Account overview". You can then enable your one year Free Weather API trial by clicking on the "Weather API" box. You can activate it immediately.


Join referral program

Free extension of API access and additional credits can be retrieved by joining the referral prgram. Just click on the respective button on the "Weather API Overview" page and fill out the feedback survey. Your rewards will be enabled within a few days.

Purchasing more credits

You can purchase more credits for your account via credit card, PayPal or Sofort bank transfer. The credits will be available immediately after purchase and you will receive a PDF invoice via Email which is also available for download in your account.

  1. Different amounts of credits can be purchased, which extend your access for 12 months. You can go directly through the order process on the "Weather API Overview" page.

  2. After you selected the desired amount of meteoblue credits and click "purchase", you can enter your invoice address information and a coupon code (in case you have a voucher).

  3. The button "Start payment" redirects you to our payment provider "datatrans", and you can pay via credit-card, PayPal or Sofort bank transfer.

  4. Immediately after the payment, the credits will be available. You will receive a PDF invoice via email which will also be available for download in your meteoblue account overview.