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For all product information and Maps API purchases, please consult the Maps API product page.
This page here and the following subpages contain all technical information about the Maps API.

The new meteoblue maps are designed to be able to visualize any variable of any weather forecast model in any imaginable map style configuration.

Main features:

  • OSM compatible tiles. Both vector and raster are supported.
  • Simple plugin to integrate customized maps with different colorable, contour steps, etc.
  • API to generate tiles for any weather variable, level, time resolution and aggregation.

The meteoblue maps consist out of two parts:

  • The Maps Plugin provides a frontend with possibilities to select diffrent maps, time steps and overlays.
  • The configuration of the Maps Plugin can be quite complex. Because of this, all the configuration is located in a JSON named inventory. For the initialization of the Maps Plugin such a inventory is required. This can be taken from the Inventory API.

In this early stage, we recommend to use the Maps Plugin with a Inventory from the Inventory API.

Architecture overview

Architecture overview