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Forecast API Configurator


The following page explains the Forecast API configurator page of the meteoblue Weather API . It can be accessed here. In order to create functional API requests, a valid API key is required.

Forecast API Configurator

The interactive Forecast API configurator allows users to quickly select desired forecast packages and configure an API call. All packages are listed here. To query data these simple steps are required:

  • Specify location
  • Select API key and unit settings
  • Select API packages
  • Use generated API URL to receive data

Specify Location

The location is specified by geographic coordinates with latitude and longitude, which can be retrieved with the location search API. The elevation above sea level is optional and if omitted, the API will use a digital elevation model to autodetect the elevation with high accuracy. You can also set the location by going to our homepage and typing the cityname or zipcode in the location search bar. The coordinates of the last location used are then implemented into the API call.

Settings Panel

Time Zone

Users can select any local time zone according to the technical documentation in the settings panel. If no time zone is chosen, the API will detect the time zone automatically. For coordinates on sea, the API tries to find a time zone close to shore (approximately up to 50 km), otherwise GMT is used.


Different units for temperature, wind speed, wind direction and precipitation can be selected. Per default Celsius, kilometers per hour, millimeter and degree are defined.

Users can switch to Fahrenheit for temperature; meters per second, miles per hour, knoten, and the beaufort scale for wind speed; inches for precipitation, and different formats for wind direction.

Forecast length and history length

With the meteoblue Forecast API, forecast weather data for up to 7 days and historical forecast data for up to 4 days can be retrieved. Users can select the desired time period by changing the forecast and history length.

Note that the historical data, which can be delivered by the forecast API, includes different postprocessing levels as described in the documentation.


Free Weather API offers different output formats like CSV and JSON. Please note that CSV is only available for similar time intervals. To retrieve data from multiple packages with different time intervals, multiple API calls have to be effectuated or JSON format can be applied.


CSV can be used to download and open the result in Microsoft Excel and many other applications. The format is limited in a way, it supports structured data or multi-dimensional data.


JSON format is preferred to integrate the API into other systems. It resembles closely how data are processed internally and is efficient to transfer.

Packages Available in Free Weather API


History packages and specific forecast packages not listed here (e.g. renewable energy or upper atmosphere packages) as well as images are not part of Free Weather API.
In order to get access to these features, a higher meteoblue access level is required. More information about this can be found on our product pages.

For detailed documentation and example API calls for all packages, see the Forecast API Documentation, also linked directly in the following for every specific package included in the Free Weather API.

One API call can include several packages. Each package is accounted individually, but the unique design of the Forecast API allows you to combine multiple packages into one HTTP API call.

General Forecast Packages

General PackagesTime Resolution
Basic15min, 1h, 3h, day
Clouds1h, 3h, day
Sun and moon

Agronomical Packages

Agronomical PackagesTime Resolution
Agro1h, 3h, day
Agromodel Leaf Wetness1h
Agromodel Sowing1h, day
Agromodel Spray1h, day

Renewable Energy Packages

Renewable Energy PackagesTime Resolution
Solar15min, 1h, 3h, day
Solar Ensemble1h
Wind15min, 1h, 3h, day
Wind 80m Ensemble1h

Advanced Packages

Advanced PackagesTime Resolution
Sea1h, 3h, day
Air1h, 3h, day
Air Quality1h, 3h, day

Multimodel Packages

Multimodel PackagesTime Resolution
Multimodel Temperature1h
Multimodel Precipitation1h
Multimodel Relative Humidity1h
Multimodel Wind1h
Multimodel Wind 80m1h
Multimodel Clouds1h
Multimodel Radiation1h

14-Day Forecast Packages

14-day Forecast PackagesTime Resolution
Trend1h, day
Trend Pro1h, day